Additional e-Signanture Business Modules

Additional e-Signanture Business Module

  1. HTML 2 PDF converter – HTML2PDF conversion library is a set of functions providing the ability to render HTML documents into PDF relying on the WebKit layout engine.
  2. Invoice sending module – Signed file can be further processed by being sent as an attachment to an address derived from the file name. The module maintains a match table between values extracted from a file name by applying a regular expression pattern – and the desired email addresses.
  3. ActiveX signing module – Signing capabilities can be utilized by a web application by embedding an ActiveX object and interacting with it from JavaScript. The signing method accepts the file source in various ways such as URL link, base64 encoded string or local file upload.
  4. Centralized logging for CTDComSignTrust Desktop can store the log activity in a MS/SQL central database for long time archiving and future investigation.
  5. File Encryption Module – The module provides functionality for various types of cryptographic tasks such as PDF encryption with a password, data encryption with public keys (RSA, DSA), symmetric (ASE, DES3) keys etc.

ComSignTrust‘s programming experts are able to design and manufacture almost any module or add-on you desire based on your criteria and detailed specification. If you have any inquiries about one of our modules or if you have a special e-Signature business module in mind, you may contact us through our online form and a ComSignTrust™ representative will contact you…