Comsign Encrypt –  a comprehensive data protection platform

Comsign Encrypt enables organizations to easily protect sensitive data transmitted in any application, database or file. The system enables compliance with regulations – a unified solution for PCI, HIPAA, PII, etc. With the platform, organizations can protect their files without changes to the software code

Easy to implement and deploy

Comsign Encrypt is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing enterprise infrastructure and involves only minor changes to the network that will hardly be noticed. Installation takes place within minutes and does not affect business processes. It provides an end-to-end encryption solution which can encrypt the below:

  • Laptop/desktop
  • File servers
  • Web/app servers
  • Database servers

And any structured and unstructured data.

Advantages of the Comsign Encrypt system

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce risks by enforcing a security policy when using cloud, and outsourced employees
  • Reduce compliance costs – reduce traces using a “data exchange” policy 

Easy to Use

With Comsign Encrypt end users do not need to change their behavior in order to secure their files. The system is designed to also be adopted and used by non-technical users with minimal training only.

  • Transparent and non-intrusive to end users
  • No noticeable performance impact
  • Uses familiar Windows or Linux systems and commands
  • Non-technical staff can implement and enforce cyber security policies

Comsign Encrypt – Solution’s Architecture

Comsign Encrypt is a software-based solution comprised of the below main components:

  • DPM File – enables encryption and access control of files, folders, applications, databases stored on laptops, desktops and servers.
  • DPM Token Manager – tokenizes, encrypts and anonymizes data using a web service interface. Allows creation of masking rules for unauthorized users.
  • DPM Key Manager – provides a central place for key management. Allows generation of keys internally or via an HSM.
  • DPM Database Manager – allows the masking of data stored in columns within databases. Integration with DPM Token Manager extends its features to tokenization, encryption and anonymization.

Flexible Key Management

Comsign Encrypt  Key Manager provides a flexible key management system to manage encryption keys on the cloud or on premise.

Organizations are free to choose between a software-based key generation and a hardware one, such as HSM. Furthermore, they are not dependent on one HSM type or vendor as Comsign Encrypt offers a multi-vendor HSM support.

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