ComSignTrust™ e-Sign API

Integrate the most advanced e-Sign API software with your applications and environment today

ComSignTrust™ e-Sign solutions have been developed to secure, automate and control all your document production to make it more beneficial and cost effective. ComSignTrust™ API gives you all the benefits of an e-Sign solution tailored to your exact specification and requests.

When you deploy ComSignTrust™ API, the ROI starts on day one

ComSignTrust™ e-Sign API is a software development kit (SDK) that exposes an API to sign PDF and OpenXML based documents as well as a generic detached signature (PKCS#7) that can be applied to any file. Our e-Sign API enables integration with leading workflows and content management systems (such as Microsoft SharePoint) and enables production of digitally signed documents of all types – invoices, agreements, diagrams, forms, applications, letters and more – interfacing with any application and any format.

ComSignTrust™ e-Sign Benefitssimple DIGITAL SIGNING

  • Improve the efficiency of organizational data workflow
  • Save time, cost and resources of manual tasks
  • Eliminate future costs associated with document production, handling, storage and disposal
  • Reap immediate savings by going paperless
  • Free-up personnel to enable increased productivity
  • Mitigate the risks and costs associated with human error
  • Increase document security and privacy of your organization and of your consumers
  • Allow multiple signatures on one documents within a few minutes
  • Integrates with every PKI system like MS , Entrust, Verisign, RSA, etc.
  • Operates with every SSCD (Secure Signature Cryptographic Device)
  • Integrates with every smart card or e-token to secure keys
  • Built in time stamp client enabling accurate time verification of signing
  • Secure, cost-effective managed digital storage

ComSignTrust™ API Highlightsdigital invoices highlights

Organizations use a variety of applications in their daily workflow. ComSignTrust™ develops and customizes its solutions, in order to address your specific needs and provides you with the ability to digitally sign beneficially onto your preferred applications.

Web applications can use Silverlight/ActiveX components to sign base64 encoded file streams. When deployed with a server module – they can also operate in a deferred signing mode which reduces the overall network traffic by signing hash on the client side and constructing the document proper on the server side
Legacy software can interact with the COM based interface
.NET based solutions can add a reference to a GAC deployed library

Partnerships and Integration with Worldwide Leaders

In order to best meet the needs of all of our customers and provide a flexible and possible e-Sign integration solution, ComSignTrust™ has established partnerships with worldwide leaders and allows you to apply the benefits of our API and e-Signature solutions by integrating with applications such as: SAP Business One, EMC, Inwise, Microsoft, HP, IBM, RSA, Gemalto, Athena, SCM, Netapp, Thales and more.

ComSignTrust ™ API Featuresdigital signature solution settings

  • PAdeS signatures – compliant with Directive 1999/93/EC
  • PDF CAPI signing with SHA256/SHA512 on windows XP
  • CSR Generator works with CAPI and PKCS#11
  • Automation server for keeping open sessions with cryptographic devices
  • Pure Silverlight component with signature and encryption interface
  • ActiveX/COM/.NET API
  • Extensive documentation and samples
  • Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office and PKCS#7 (for any file types)
  • Rule-based mailing support including integration with Outlook
  • Microsoft SharePoint native client and a signing workflow
  • Outlook add-on signs on outgoing attachments
  • Web services and command line interfaces
  • Microsoft Authenticode signature including timestamp
  • Ink annotation support includes graphic handwritten signatures
  • Rule based mailing of signed files
  • Timestamp authority client (PDF)
  • Hot folder signing
  • Signature verification library
  • Use of PDF as a carrier for signed documents
  • Visual signature preview

ComSignTrust™ automation API documentation and technical features – Click here 

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