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Secure Digital Signing Solution Using Cloud Services

ComSignTrust™ is an automated digital signing solution that is about securing, automating and controlling all your document production to make it more efficient and cost effective. ComSignTrust™ Cloud manages all aspects of the online signing at a safe and secure site. Your IT department will not have any additional burdens placed on them as everything is handled from the cloud.

ComSignTrust™ Cloud

Is a SaaS-based digital signing signature solution that has been designed to meet the needs of large organizations that produce and send their customers thousands or millions of signed documents on a regular basis. ComSignTrust™ Cloud replaces the old manual process and enables secure online signing on different document formats such as PDFs, MS-office, HTML, XML, TIFF and more. When you deploy ComSignTrust™ Cloud, the ROI starts on day one.

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ComsignTrust™ digital signing solution Benefitssimple DIGITAL SIGNING

  • Improves the efficiency of organizational data workflow
  • Saves time, cost and resources of manual tasks
  • Eliminates costs associated with document production, handling, storage and disposal
  • Reap immediate savings by going paperless
  • Frees-up personnel to enable increased productivity
  • Mitigates the risks and costs associated with human error
  • Increased document security and privacy of your organization and of your customers
  • Allows multiple signatures on one documents within a few minutes
  • Integrates with every PKI system like MS , Entrust, Verisign, RSA, etc.
  • Operates with every SSCD (Secure Signature Cryptographic Device)
  • Integrates with every smart card or e-token to secure keys
  • Built-in time stamp client for accurate time verification of the signing
  • Secure, cost-effective managed digital storage

Minimal Effort, Maximum Value

One of the many advantages of cloud computing and the SaaS model is that organizations can rapidly deploy new applications and solutions with minimal effort. The ComSignTrust™ Cloud digital signing solution fulfills all your digital signature and all you digital documentation needs – production, sending and storage – in an automatic and hassle-free manner. As a fully managed digital signing solution, you don’t have to deploy and administer any software or hardware to your IT infrastructure. More so – tailoring with your portal application is an easy task.

ComSignTrust™ Cloud Benefitsdigital invoices highlights

  • Includes all necessary components of the solution including FIPS 140-2 L3 and PKCS#11
  • Compliant HSM (Standalone or PCI or Network)
  • Operates with every SSCD (Secure Signature Cryptographic Device)
  • Integrates with every PKCS #11 smart card or e-token
  • Web service interfaces with your application
  • Supports PDF signatures and the general PKCS#7 format
  • Delivers ROI from deployment
  • Works with any type of document format
  • No need to install any hardware
  • Produces an unlimited amount of signed documents
  • Scales to any-sized organization

ComSignTrust ™ Cloud Featuresdigital signature solution settings

  • PAdeS signatures – compliant with Directive 1999/93/EC
  • CAPI signing with SHA256/SHA512 support on all windows platforms PKCS#11 signing
  • Digital timestamp client compliant with RFC3161 or MS. Authenticode
  • Optional Timestamp server compliant with RFC3161
  • Profile based configuration
  • Ability to store signed documents in various document storage solutions: EMC Centera, Netapp, SQL, File system, and others
  • Active Directory based roles for configuring the system and accessing the keys in addition to the PIN/PAD authentication against the hardware device
  • Support for secure signature cryptographic devices (SSCD) and software keys
  • Support for native PDF, OpenXML, XML and, OpenOffice signature formats
  • Multipage TIFF embedded signature and validation tool
  • Audit and logging of all signing and system operations
  • Signing SDK (C/C++/.NET/JAVA/WCF/REST)Supports large files
  • Detached PKCS#7 signatures
  • Centralized logging
  • Visual graphics positioning in profile configuration
  • Signature validation tools
  • HTML to PDF internal conversion
  • Remote signing
  • PDF certification
  • SNMP traps
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