ComSignTrust™ Desktop – Your Complete Digital Signature Software

Digital signature software for going paperless

ComSignTrust™ Desktop is a complete digital signature software which enables users to digitally sign documents of all types — invoices, agreements, diagrams, forms, applications, images, letters and more — interfacing with any application and any format of your choice. ComSignTrust™ digital signing solutions aren’t just about digital signatures. They are about securing, automating and controlling all your document production to make it much more efficient and far more cost-effective.

Digital signature software to sign with a click!

From within the document itself or in the email, ComSignTrust™ Desktop digital signature software has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that require a comprehensive software tool (along with a digital certificate in the form of a smart card, e-token, etc) to digitally sign all document formats in an organizational workflow.

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ComSignTrust™ Desktop Digital Signature Software Highlights

  • Improves the efficiency of organizational data workflow
  • Saves time, cost and resources of manual tasks
  • Increases the security and privacy of your organization and your consumers
  • Allows multiple signatures on one document within a few minutes
  • Eliminates future costs associated with document production, handling, storage and disposal
  • Mitigates the risks and costs associated with human error
  • Operates with every SSCD (Secure signature Cryptographic Device) or software token
  • Produces reliable signatures with Digital Time-Stamping

Easy to install digital signature software solution

ComSignTrust™ Desktop is a digital signature software solution that can be installed directly on your desktop and/or your email software (like MS-Outlook). Operating with every SSCD (Secure Signature Cryptographic Device) like a smart card or e-token, or HSM, these devices contain your digital signature so only you or someone you designate can produce digitally signed documents.

Depending on your needs, the ComSignTrust™ Desktop digital signature software solution comes in two versions, Basic and Professional. You’ll also be able to add a variety of modules and services ComSignTrust™ offers to extend the value of your Desktop solution even further.

digital signature software to sign PDF and all types of documents

ComSignTrust ™ Desktop Digital Signature Software Features

  • PAdeS signatures – compliant with Directive 1999/93/EC
  • Digital timestamp client compliant with RFC3161 or MS. Authenticode
  • Support for Secure Signature Cryptographic Devices (SSCD) and software keys
  • Adobe PDF, Microsoft office TIFF and PKCS#7 (for any file types)
  • Active X / Silverlight interface for web portals
  • Support for native PDF/OpenXML/XML/OpenOffice signature formats
  • PDF signing with SHA256/SHA512 on windows XP
  • Rule-based mailing support including integration with Outlook
  • Microsoft Authenticode including timestamp (exe, msi, dll, ocx, jar, cab and more)
  • Ink annotation support
  • Detached signatures
  • Extendable by plugins
  • Runs natively on 64bit platforms
  • Profile-based configuration
  • Code signing of executables and software libraries
  • Centralized logging
  • Multilingual UI
  • Visual graphics positioned on a document before signing
  • Ability to sign any page/s you choose and anywhere upon the document