ComSignTrust™ Digital signature online portal

sign documents online using mobile phone or any device

WeSign – ComSignTrust™ Digital signature online

Many organizations face difficulties with internal and external workflow processes on a daily basis. Difficulties that may seem minor, but are very significant for further necessary processes in the organization. With WeSign you can:

  • Upload documents.
  • Send a secure SMS link or an email to the document to: peers, customers, prospects or anyone.
  • Sign documents online – from the office, at home or on the go!

WeSign online portal supports workflow and document management, making it simple, easy and convenient to digitally sign any type of file in minutes!

ComSignTrust™ Online Signing Portal – Brochure

ComSignTrust™ Digital signature online for an efficient Workflow:

  • Digitally sign & send documents from all types and formats.
  • No installation required.
  • Multiple Signing Process – easy to monitor and complete.
  • Supported on mobile & Tablet so workers and customers can Sign anytime, anywhere.
  • Online Process – All movements are reflected simultaneously on the representative and clients screens.
  • Drag & Drop signature fields and add them to your document
  • Assign signatures to recipients (optional).
  • The portal automatically recognizes signature fields, text fields, combo boxes, check boxes and more.
  • Decide an order sequence to which the signature process must be signed (optional).
  • Graphically & digitally e-sign documents.
  • Sends alerts about each signature signed in a Multiple Signing Process.
  • Digital signatures enrolled on smartcards of predefined vendors are supported
  • Can be installed in the premises of an organization thus no need to expose sensitive data.
  • Integrate your software with our API.

Improve efficiency with ComSignTrust™ digital signature online portal

  • Reduced costs by avoiding printing, signing, scanning and archiving documents
  • Improve business results by allowing your customers to sign agreements from anywhere
  • Increase productivity by signing several recipients in minutes (get notifications and monitor the completion of the process)
  • Improve the level of data security and organizational data flow.
  • Become a green, paperless and cost-effective organization.
  • Improve service levels
  • Control the information within your organization

ComSignTrust™ digital signature solutions and SharePoint Workflow

When using ComSignTrust™ e-Signing solutions within SharePoint, the organizational workflow becomes more efficient and intuitive; the e-Signing process is done via SharePoint while implementing the organizational signing rules and without requiring an external signature.

ComSignTrust’s e-Signature solution integrated with SharePoint enables signing all document formats from a toolbar, with no need to print them in order to sign. The electronic signature automates organizational workflows, saving time, costs and resources.

To learn how to improve your organizational workflow using ComSignTrust™ e-Signing solutions and products click here.