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It’s time to digitize your enterprise business processes with WeSign

You need both internal and external electronic signatures on agreements, quotations, health statements and bank forms. Many of them involve complex workflows requiring multiple approvals, like procurement, loans, internal compliance, payouts or corporate cash withdrawals.

You also need to monitor, document and report the completion of every single piece of the process, empowering recipients and stakeholders to provide electronic signatures using any device (desktop, mobile or tablet) at any time, anywhere.

We have what you need. 

Welcome to WeSign, the complete digital signing solution for managers, sales representatives and customers.

Transform your document-based business processes with WeSign, an advanced digital signing solution designed for enterprises.

WeSign streamlines every approval, moving effortlessly between departments and sign-offs, getting to “done” faster.

Sign Agreements Faster

Create, edit and send documents for e-signing.

Automate Workflows

Enable multiple approvers signing workflows

Monitor Remotely

Monitor your signing process and empower recipients to digitally sign documents on desktop, mobile or tablet, anywhere, at any time.

Comsign is a eIDAS QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider)
eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market.

WeSign is easy, fast and secure. Here’s what you get:Wesign eSignature

  • Automated, paperless, user-friendly electronic signatures
  • Advanced security and privacy settings
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Multiple methods of sending documents to recipients: SMS, email or with a link that can be sent on any messaging or social networking app like WhatsApp or Facebook. Documents can also be sent to an organization’s corporate tablets so customers or employees can enjoy access
  • Live online co-browsing signature session between the sender and the signer with  synchronized screens 
  • Compatibility with most document file formats including PDF, MS-Word, JPEG, PNG, XLS and CSV
  • Cost-effectiveness

WeSign integrates into any software through API and is available for on-site use or through a secured cloud-based service. Use it as a single service or as part of a broad digital signing solution.

WeSign Key Features


  • Security: Authorized administrators can log in to WeSign using ComSign’s OTP to bolster security
  • Oversight: WeSign supports licensed users and enables administrators to allocate different programs for each user
  • Departmental Authorization: WeSign offers defined user profiles per department (sales, HR, IT) as a “user” authorized only for document sending, or as a “power user” who can also edit documents
  • Real-time Synchronization: WeSign automatically synchronizes authorized users through MS Active Directory
  • Customized User Interface (UI): WeSign provides a dynamic UI for each user

Document management

  • Easy: Utilize simple ‘drag and drop’ of one or more signature and value fields into any document 
  • Export with ease: Capitalize on the ability to either download any document or export both a field list and its value to a file
  • Import with ease: Streamline your process by uploading exterior contacts
  • Real-time dashboard: Track all documents in the signing process in real time and know when recipients viewed, signed or rejected documents


  • User-friendly: Benefit from the foolproof interface for both pre-editing documents and defining the order of the signers
  • Flexible: Select contacts by either drawing upon your contact list or by manually adding new contacts
  • Organized: Structure and edit the document efficiently, and identify which fields should be signed by whom by utilizing individualized color codes for each signer

Document editing and template management

  • Efficient: Create fields from a list of various field types including signature field, free text, date, time, number, checkbox and many more
  • Customizable: Easily duplicate or delete an existing template, create your own advanced template complete with field editing options, select mandatory fields and give different colors to each signer.

Process manager summaries 

  • Comprehensive: Request attachments from signers to ensure compliance
  • Personal: Send a personal, customized message as well as attachments to each signer if necessary, thanking them, advising them of their responsibility or updating them on the process

Digital signing interface

  • Authentication: Add two-factor identification and authentication via OTP to enable the recipient to open documents
  • Real-time interaction: View and reply quickly to messages, and interact with all signers in real-time
  • Meet your signers where they are: With three digital signing options, empower your signers to complete the process with ease, anywhere, anytime
    • Sign graphically using mouse or touchpad
    • Upload a graphical signature image
    • Complete an “initials” field
    • Signers can use their electronic signature (advanced or qualified) stored on a PKI USB Token, a Smart Card or on Signer-1 server

Streamline your processes and go paperless with a free trial of WeSign today!