Signer-1 An Enterprise Level eSignature Server

Sign, seal and send millions of signed documents easly.
Signer-1 is a very high-performance digital remote signing server solution offering uncompromising security.

  • No need for a smart card or tokens, using the cellular for strong authentication to your digital signing private key
  • e-IDAS compliancy including SAM module
  • Eliminate time-consuming print, sign and scan processes
  • Prevent fraudulent activities
  • Avoid the risk of future document damage or loss
  • Avoid data security and privacy breaches with digital documents

Comsign is a eIDAS QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider)
eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market.

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Signer-1 incorporates Comsign’s secure and advanced Signature Activation Module (SAM) that was certified for eIDAS as a qualified electronic signature and seal creation device (QSCD)

  • Obtain an unlimited number of signers
  • Gain high-performance in large volume batch signing processing
  • Sign multiple documents with multiple signatures simultaneously

Streamline your e-signing processes

Signer-1 automates your business signing workflows including signing e-invoices and validating your e-documents quickly and efficiently. When you have thousands of documents to sign each day, Signer-1 gets it done, fast and easily.

Already simplifying digital signature processes for enterprise organizations and large industries

Telecommunications | Government | Healthcare | Banking & Finance

ComSignTrust’s Signer-1 deploys easily on-site or on a secure cloud-based server.

Internal MS-CA module | Supports enrolling certificates using MS DCOM or CMP | Supports pkcs10 CSR generation and importing external x509 certificates. 

Key features

As a standalone product or as a secured cloud-based service, Signer-1 is designed to meet the needs of enterprise organizations with high-volume batch signing processing.

1. Internal or external Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Data security is critical to enterprise companies.

A hardware security module safeguards electronic signatures from being altered by integrating secure cryptographic processes.

Signer-1 includes an HSM from the world’s leading manufacturers including brands like nCipher, Thales, and Utimaco and any other HSM which is at least (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 and/or common criteria (CCELA4+) certified.

The Signer-1 server can be integrated through API with any certified HSM.

2. Easy access for authorized signers

Authorized signers can be synchronized automatically through the organization’s active directory service or by uploading various database formats and files that are managed through a web application dashboard.

3. One-time password (OTP) solution for enhanced security (Optional).

To protect the Signer-1 server against advanced cyber attacks, users follow a two-step secure authentication process to gain and confirm access to its private key reside in the signing server.

4. A biometric (face or finger) strong authentication to your private signing key (Optional)

To protect the Signer-1 server against advanced cyber attacks, users follow a two-step secure authentication process to gain and confirm secured access to its private key reside in the signing server.

Integrate additional solutions with Signer-1’s upgraded modules

Advanced Verification module.

The verification module enables Signer-1 to validate digitally signed documents with:

  • The issuing certificate authority (CA) including OCSP
  • Detailed information regarding the signer and the organization
  • A signing algorithm
  • Timestamping according to RFC 3161

Digital archive module

The digital archive module enables Signer-1 to securely store long-term various formats of digitally signed documents and other files. You can search and retrieve stored data easily, and replace cumbersome physical archives.

Additional features

  • PAdeS signatures compliant with directive 1999/93/EC
  • CAPI signing with SHA256/SHA512 support on all Windows platforms
  • PKCS#11 signing
  • Option to include digital timestamp server compliant with RFC3161
  • Profile-based configuration
  • Active-directory based roles for configuring the system and accessing the keys in addition to the PIN/PAD authentication against the hardware device
  • Support for secure signature creation devices (SSCD) and software keys
  • Support for native PDF, OpenXML, XML, OpenOffice signature formats
  • Multipage TIFF embedded signature and validation tool
  • Audit and logging of all signing and system operations
  • Large files supported
  • Detached PKCS#7 signatures supported
  • Centralized logging
  • Visual graphics positioning in the profile configuration
  • Signature validation tools
  • SNMP traps