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Secure Signing from Tablets and Smartphones – mobile digital signature

More and more users are interacting with systems information through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. That is why digital signatures are needed for mobile devices.

ComSignTrust™ delivers a secure Mobile ecosystem, composed by ComSignTrust’s Mobile Digital Signature solution and a secret key contained in a digital certificate issued and trusted by a third-party Certified Authority (CA) such as ComSign Europe, for a highly secure, qualified digital signature.

Qualified Digital Signature

A qualified digital signature is the highest security ranked e-Signature available today, ensuring signer authentication and identity assurance. Thus, the mobile signature is a unique feature for proving your real-world identity to third parties without face-to-face communication, which solves security problems of the online world with identity confirmation.

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Comsign is a eIDAS QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider)
eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market.

ComSignTrust™ Go mobile app brochure

ComSignTrust™ Go – features

  • Capturing signatures on tablets and smartphones is part of the ComSignTrust™ digital signature solution’s portfolio. Hence the CT Mobile is typically part of a solution package and is integrated with a Desktop/Enterprise solution.
  • With an easy click-to-sign e-Sign process, all file types (PDF, word, excel, PPT, voice, image, source code, video, XML etc.) may be signed with a recognized electronic signature, time stamped, locked (sealed), emailed and e-Filed/e-Archived – resulting in the prevention of tampering and in providing strong legal evidence, highly productive workflow and fast and simple access to files.

Mobile digital signature

Mobile Digital Signature On The Go Solutions –  Anywhere, Anytime.

ComSignTrust™ delivers high-end digital signature on the go solutions for mobile devices – Android native app. Will also be available for iOS, windows and more.

ComsignTrust™ Mobile solution gives you the ability and the ease to manage your digital signature on the go, anywhere, anytime. Whichever device you have access to, Comsigntrust™ Mobile-based solution integrates seamlessly with any device, providing you with all the benefits of the solution, quickly, and on the go.

NFC Mobile Digital Signature

The ComSignTrust™ Mobile can be used with a USB smart card reader or alternatively with a secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based NFC authenticator –unique for ComSignTrust™!, for a more convenient, contactless workflow.

The PKI NFC-based mobile digital signature solution is a first of its kind, ensuring a highly secure mobile signature workflow. The solution is integrated with the advanced Gemalto IDGo card with its dual-function capabilities NFC/Card-Reader and may be used with every operating system. The NFC mobile solution can easily and seamlessly be integrated with a wide range of NFC and NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) technologies, providing a secure solution for mobile applications in very short time.

Comsigntrust™ Mobile Digital Signature Benefitsdigital signature solution settings

Here are just a few of the services and benefits you will get by using Comsigntrust™ Mobile solution:

  • Android app
  • Smart card reader connection via dedicated PIN connector, Bluetooth or NFC
  • Certificate and Private Key securely stored on cryptographic device
  • Additional user authentication using One Time Password (OTP)
  • Offline functionality for secured anywhere, anytime e-Signing
  • Optimized mobile user experience
  • Seamless integration with third-party web sites and applications thru handful API
  • Digital signature on the go documents in a simple, secure and fast manner with Comsigntrust™ Mobile based digital signature solution
  • Multi-CA support – authentication and digital signing on mobile devices may be used with a certificate originating from any Certificate Authority
  • Multi-language interface
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