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ComSignTrust™, a leader in secure PKI-based e-Signature solutions, provides OEM products, based on the joint cooperation between ComSignTrust™ and companies such as Gemalto – the world leader in digital security, Safenet and Athena. The secure portable products are based on the most advanced technology of Disk on Keys and smart cards with increased data security. The products eliminate the costs associated with production, handling, storage and disposal of paper, save you valuable time and reduce dramatically environmental footprint.

E-Signature token

The e-Signature Solution

One of ComSignTrust™ secure portable e-Signature Tokens is an integrated product which includes the Gemalto IDBridge K3000, a portable security device, and ComSignTrust™ Desktop e-Sign software.

ComSignTrust Desktop enables users to simply e-Sign any document format in a very simple manner. e-Signature can be done either within the file itself or from within an email which contains an attachment to be signed.

ComSignTrust™ Desktop e-Signature software is a very powerful signing tool that allows signing with a graphic signature and time stamping, using any kind of certificate (advanced or qualified) of any CA (Public or Private).

IDBridge K3000 is a portable security device that protects sensitive mobile data. The solution can be used either as a zero-footprint personal security device that protects portable data with Gemalto’s proven smart card technology, or as a CCID smart card reader, to enable smart card features on PC/SC environments.

IDBridge K3000 provides an easy and configurable switch between mobility and corporate mode (i.e. PKCS#11 for portable apps and CAPI for e.g. Windows Logon), combined with the HID-CCID automatic service switch to be installed on the host PC. The product is easy to deploy and can be integrated into endpoint security policies to provide the highest level of security for portable data.

Moreover, ComSignTrust™ secure portable e-Signature Token comes with an encrypted partition protecting end user from malware attacks.

ComSignTrust™ secure portable e-Signature Token is an ideal solution to reduce administrative costs that are time and resource consuming. You’ll be able to sign and email your invoices and any other files in a few clicks.

Compatible with a variety of document formats — PDFs, MS-office, HTML, XML, TIF, Open Office, XPS and more, your business workflow will experience the substantial benefits of automation and going paperless in very short time. Bulk signing, folder signing, multiple signatures, document profiles, user profiles, email account profiles are just few of the many features this software includes.

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