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Digital Signature Solutions

The ComSignTrust™ mission is to honor people’s need for safety, efficiency and ecology, in the digital world. Valuable for a single user or an entire enterprise, ComSignTrust™ is a leader in developing highly secure, qualified digital signature solutions  to automate and optimize documentation processes of all kinds. From millions of invoices to a single document that needs approval, ComSignTrust™ digitizes the entire process to dramatically reduce valuable time and costs.

Comsign is a eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP).
eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market.

Digital Signature solutions overview

ComSignTrust™ digital signature products: Sign anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Digital signature case studies and success stories- how we changed business processes

Our customers showcase the amazing opportunities in today’s field of e-Signature

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ComSignTrust™ The Leader In E-signature Solutions

We deliver highly secure, qualified, electronic digital signature solutions for businesses of all sizes and from a wide range of industries.

Our solutions help organizations to cut costs, create efficiency and become more environmentally friendly by automating and digitizing the documentation process.

Watch our video and find out how ComsignTrust can increase your day to day ROI.


e-Signature Products and Solutions

Addressing the needs of organizations in every industry, ComSignTrust™ has developed e-Signature solutions for the single user as well as the largest global enterprises. Using proven and innovative technology, ComSignTrust™ digital solutions are built for high reliability, ease of use  and immediate implementation, allowing users to immediately gain powerful protection and increased efficiency.

ComSignTrust™ digital signature solutions help organizations cut costs, enhance productivity, and become more environmentally friendly by automating and digitizing the documentation process with secure digital signatures. To view our wide range of e-Signature solutions, click here

ComSignTrust’s e-Signing digital solutions support workflow and document management requirements, making it simple, easy and convenient to digitally sign e-Transactions, e-Forms, e-Prescriptions and more. With the most secure service there is, organizations can be assured that their data and digital signatures are safe and protected. To view our selection of digital signature products and services per industry, click here.


“ComSignTrust enables the patient to receive his e-Prescription at his convenience, without having to go through his clinic to collect a paper one. Moreover, e-Prescription dispensing saves Physicians a considerable amount of time.”

Dr. Joseph BaHagunDirector of the Digital Medicine DivisionClalit – The World’s 2nd largest HMO

“For me, as a veteran Attorney of more than 35 years, the new digital court system is a real revolution. I can now file new motions, review court files, pay the court fees, and I can actually do almost everything, remotely. I can’t imagine myself going back to how it used to be. There is no way back. For us, this is the new future.”

Zeev MayAttorneyatMay & Co. Law Office & Notary

“With ComSignTrust we save valuable time, streamline internal processes, and save considerable space on our premises currently used to store documents.”

Moni Ashraf, Project ManagerIT Department First International Bank of Israel

“ComSignTrust advanced mobile e-signature application for iPad allows numerous decision makers to sign and approve essential protocols to streamline critical business processes, save money and support paperless initiative”

Guy LeibovitzDirector of System Design and Implementation DepartmentIsrael National Roads Company
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Check point uses a digital signature
Pango and digital signature

Click2Sign By ComSignTrust™

ComSignTrust is the most secure and versatile web/cloud/server based digital signature software platform. Installed on/off premise according to your needs, ComSignTrust enables you to easily click-to-sign or capture a graphic e-Signature with your smartphone or tablet in order to securely e-Sign and seal any doc or file type e.g. PDF, word, excel, PPT, voice, image, source code, video, XML and more.

  • With ComSignTrust users can implement e-Signatures with a click of a button using a single e-Signature platform.
  • One document may be signed with different types of e-Signatures (click-to-sign, graphic, photo).
  • The e-Signature may be customized to include your logo, preferred font, date and time, signer information and more.
  • One-step click-to-sign e-Signature process.

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