ComSignTrust™ Frequently Asked Questions

Having some trouble? Getting an error somewhere? Want to find out how to sign correctly? ComSigntTrust™ FAQs is the place for you.
Find out all you need to know about troubleshooting ComSignTrust™ CTD Basic and Pro in one great place easy and simple.

Q. I’m getting a message "The output folder does not exist".

A. The output folder for storing signed files was not defined. Please define an output folder for signed documents in: Sign on PDF >> Save files to

Q. I’m getting a message "Failed to sign".

A. You’re attempting to sign a document with unsupported certificate. Please update or pick another certificate under: Profile manager >> Choose a certificate

Q. I’m getting a message "Password Incorrect".

A. Wrong certificate password was presented. Please make sure you entered the right password and try again.

Q. I’m getting a message "The Device is disconnected".

A. Your device that contains the certificate or card reader is disconnected. Please make sure your device is properly installed to your machine.

Q. My Graphical signature stamp is not displayed after signing a document.

A. Please make sure the “do not use visible signature” check box isn’t checked in: profile manager >> basic settings

Q. I’m getting a message "The signing algorithm is not supported"

A. You are trying to sign without the proper support algorithm. Make sure your certificate supports the predefined hash algorithm in profile manager >> basic settings >> Hash algorithm

Q. I’m getting a message "Your license has expired. Please purchase a new license"

A. Your license has expired. You may need to purchase a new license please contact us.

Q. Error: While activating folder signing rule the activation terminates and stopped

A. Make sure you have chosen the right certificate under: profile manager >> basic settings >> choose a certificate field

Q. I am looking for the manual, where can I find it?

A. You can find and download the manual from this link.

Q. My Adobe reader displays a message: "Signature validity is UNKNOWN".

A. Please check signing certificate and the root that is supported by adobe. Try updating adobe reader to the latest version.

Q. Error: The application crashes while starting or while activating folder signing rule

A. Make sure your operation system meets all requirements and specification for running the application. You can find the specific requirement in the manual here.

Q. I am trying to sign a scanned document and getting an error message.

A1. Your scanned file is disrupted. Please scan again or use another scanning device or software.

A2. You do not have editing permeations to change or edit this document.