Comsigntrust™ Digital signing Support

At ComSignTrust™ we are committed to providing you with the best support and service possible. Our highly experienced Professional Services team can assist you with remote administration, configuration and installation. To ensure that your ComSignTrust™ deployment is as smooth and beneficial as we know it can be from day one, we also offer onsite installation of our solutions.

As a technology company primarily, ComSignTrust™ has an extensive in-house R&D department. That means we are constantly improving our technology and the service we provide our customers. It also means that our Professional Services team comes with in-depth expertise.

Let our Professional Services support you with Digital signing:

  • Remote guidance on administration, configuration and installation
  • Onsite installation of the ComSignTrust product line, including integration with your existing network
  • Specific feature development in order to better serve your organization

ComSignTrust™ Digital signing  SLA

ComSignTrust™ offers two levels of service agreements, Standard and Extended.

Standard Digital signing SLA ‘s include:

  • Telephone support from during regular business hours
  • Free upgrades for minor software releases

Extended Digital signing SLA includes:

  • Around the clock telephone support
  • Free upgrades for minor software releases,
  • Free upgrades for major releases, x. to y.0..

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