Obtain security with an advanced OTP based solution

ComsignTrust Offers its customers an advanced OTP based solution called Comsign Authenticator. It is an extremely strong authentication method gaining a secure network experience, blocking unauthorized entities from sensitive data, essential programs and using the internet.

Extremely strong authentication method

Our OTP solution is much stronger than the usual authentication methods, due to the two-factor authentication, which implements user verification with 2 means of recognition. Some of them can be personal details such as an ID number, and the others – physical instruments such as an app or a token.

The full operation of the system

Our OTP system is based on 2 unique personal edge means, a token and a main server. Each token has a unique core with a symmetric key which operates a one-time password generator algorithm.  The ability of the algorithm to create new passwords is based on defined time gaps or a password per use. This combination, along with an authentication based on a personal ID supplies a unique code which no one is capable of hacking or stealing one’s identity. In this way, an authorized user who is permitted to the organization’s app, gets into it with his one-time password which he gets upon his/her personal edge means. In addition, the code which was typed by him/her is sent to an examination in the authentication server. It decides whether to approve or reject it. All of that is done with an extremely high level of security between the secured information and the protected authentication server.

It just sounds complicated…


It is true that the OTP system is based on a complexed technology, but in fact the interface is very easy to use and install, including the use of our fingerprints to get inside it. In addition, the system is installed efficiently with a step-by-step wizard. We recommend installing the ststem on 2 servers, Linux & Windows.

Order your OTP system


To order an OTP advanced system, please leave your details in the website or contact Comsign Ltd. by phone: *8770 or 03-6443620

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