How to securely sell products & services from the web?

The most common way to share your stuff with the public is via your official website. Is there a secure way to preserve your website content? Is there a safe way to make sure no one tracks your product or service pages changing them without your permission? What should one do in order to keep his pages from malwares, spam and other intruders while selling? Should he wrap his selling pages in a public website or in a secure online portal? Which specifications should this online portal contain?

An online portal is required to separate yourselling pages from the public pages of your web

Only this separation will save your website from online violations and will make the selling process 100% secure. If you represent and/or sell a well known brand, you don’t want to start your day in office with a hacked product page, or an altered service page, which were probably done by hackers. Your product or service page is not an “About” nor an “Index” page. These pages deal with professional products or services that your company sell, and therefore must be kept strictly from easy hostile access. Without protecting them, one can hack there; change the data, causing a lot of troubles to the product or the service sales. In an official website, only the index & about pages should be public. The rest pages, which deal with the products/services, could be shown to registered customers only.


The online portal increases your odds to keep customers loyal for a very long time

The reason for that stems from some important facts:

  • When your product or service page is protected, the customer feels more respect to your organization.
  • The customer notices he gets what you promised, and counts on you more.
  • You, as the seller, have a great opportunity to upgrade the business with your customer.
  • Always remember that when your infrastructure is safe, so does the customer’s attitude.

ComSignTrust online portal: Show your services and products pages to customers only

Your online portal will be based on allowing digital signature to your customers when they order your services or products. You can upload an order form or a document; send a link to the customer who can sign online from his mobile in any place. Practically, you protect the page from any unwanted penetration. You can allow many customers to be able to sign in few minutes, and get live notifications on the process. A full protection to your product/service data is truly fulfilled. It is unnecessary to remind you the online portal saves a massive use of paper, including archiving it later on.