Data Security

ComsignTrust is the leading company in the field of electronic signature in Israel. It offers organizations an advanced signing software called ComsignTrust Desktop, also known as CTD. This software cuts 80% of the mail deliveries and significantly shortens work processes. The program includes digital signature both secured and certified by law, which prevents the possibility to spoof a document.

Advanced signing software to any kind of document and a variety of files

Data security in the organization via the signing software CTD makes it possible to sign a bunch of original documents without using paper: Invoices, contracts, purchase orders, bids, scanned documents, receipts, engineering diagrams, tenders, payment instructions to the banks, application forms, and more. In addition, the software supplies signatures on different kinds of files, including Word, Excel, Tiff and Pdf. It is possible to sign in sequence on directories, and to add more signers on the same document. Automatic invoices delivery by E-mail is also possible.

A variety of options to fulfill

Our software for digital signature offers many options to fulfill, such as:

  • Increasing the extent of data security in the organization, whether it is private or about your customers.
  • Signing on each and every document as a personal signature or a couple of signers, aside to full control on each and every signed document in the organization.
  • Implementing a group of signatures on a bunch of documents at once.
  • Adding a graphic signature aside to the references on the document.
  • The software includes a time stamp with date and time, which makes the signature authorized by law.
  • Simply search and locate documents on demand, and arrange them efficiently.

Signing software in the highest level of proficiency

The CTD software raises the extent of data security in the organization making a pure recognition of the signer possible. After it happens, it is impossible to change, add or subtract data by a third party or to spoof a signature. This kind of authentication is possible to perform from every computer based on Microsoft Windows worldwide. Due to the fact that one can not change a document after it was signed, it is a pure juridical evidence.

Signing program for data security in the organization

To order signing programs for data security in the organization, experience free of charge and consult our experts, leave your details in the website or contact Comsign Ltd by phone: *8770 or 03-6443620.

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