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Comsign Trust, the leading company in Israel for digital signatures, supplies a variety of solutions for organizations. They help producing digital invoices based on the safest, most efficient and most professional method possible. These invoices turned into the most demanded among businesses, companies, corporations, and public institutions, including law firms, CPA offices, clinics, civil servants, high tech companies, individuals, and much more.

What is, in fact, a digital invoice?

In order to understand the benefits of a digital invoice, one must know the essence of this kind of document. A digital invoice, or a computerized invoice, is an electronic document which has a digital signature both secured and certified. In fact, this kind of invoice is recognized by law exactly as a papered one.

So why producing a digital invoice?


Producing a digital invoice with our company guarantees to the organization a set of clear advantages:

  • We produce a digital invoice with an electronic signature both familiar and approved by the government and the ministry of justice. This invoice is also familiar to Google, Microsoft, Apple and Adobe. Therefore, these computerized invoices which were produced by our company will be known to every computer in any location worldwide.
  • The digital signature is suitable to every kind of invoice. There is no limit to the number of invoices which can be produced per month. Therefore, these invoices are perfectly suitable to every organization from any kind.
  • The produce of the invoices can be done rapidly and automatically via a program which is very simple to use: One can produce a one single invoice or a bunch of hundreds or thousands of them.
  • The invoices can be in use for several certified persons in the organization.
  • The invoices can be stored digitally in a cloud, and therefore preserve hardware installation in your organization.
  • The digital signature is provided in the highest level of security in which the digital invoice is being locked. No one is capable of changing it, forging it or manipulating its data.
  • The process of verification of the person who signed the invoice is done digitally and includes every needed detail including address, name, E-mail, ID number and more.
  • The company provides a high level of support service, which will be very efficient and fast for every customer. We shall solve every problem of producing a digital signature.
  • With us, not only you shall gain support for a digital signature in a digital invoice, but also for any other document of your organization.

Produce your digital invoice


To produce a digital invoice, and to much more info and professional consult, please leave your details in the website, or contact Comsign Ltd. by phone *8770 or 03-6443620.

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