Electronic invoice

If you are about to use an electronic invoice for your first time, make sure it is digitally signed with a digital signature both certified and secured. Do not settle for a graphic non secured signature. An electronic invoice includes a secured digital signature, also known as ‘electronic signature’. It is authorized by the tax authority and the ministry of justice, as supplied by Comsign Ltd.

The necessity for digital signature for computerized invoices

During the last years, with the rise of the technological abilities to transfer information by electronic, digital and computerized means through the web, the importance of the identity of the sender has increased. It is emphasized especially when it comes to sensitive documents such as invoices. In order to solve this obstacle, the Israeli parliament passed The Electronic Signature Law in the year of 2001. This law defines the criteria of a secured signature with means of recognizing it. The electronic signature includes an encrypted file based on complexed algorithms which guarantee a pure true recognition of the sender of a document. In addition, an electronic signature makes it clear: The content of the invoice shall not change or become manipulated.

A signature which is much more than a graphic draw

Digital signature for an electronic invoice as our company supplies includes an encryption key based on the highest level of secure possible. Being certified, it has a full juridical relevance, equivalent to the printed invoice. In addition, we provide digital signatures which are suitable for businesses from any kind. For example, to small businesses who send a few invoices every month we offer a dedicated signing program for the whole computers in the workgroup. As for the bigger businesses, who have to send much more invoices per month, we offer a smart signing server which can send this kind of quantity automatically. It can handle tens and hundreds of thousands of invoices and even more.

Additional advantages of the electronic invoice

Aside to the high extent of secure, using electronic invoices guarantees some more advantages. For instance, it can clearly preserve paper consumption, printing consumption and mail deliveries. It can also turn your work into both a rapid and a neat one, with an automatic documentation of every invoice. In addition, using electronic invoices is pretty much necessary in the global era, in which we work with customers worldwide. It emphasizes the green approach of the organization which cuts off paper expanses.

Order electronic invoices

To produce your electronic invoice with a digital signature both secured and certified, and to receive more information about it, please leave your details in the website or contact ComsignTrust by phone: *8770 or 03-6443620.

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