How Hertz shfted to a full digital customer's experience

          Qualified Digital Signature on Tablets for POS!

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Hertz's vision of a change turn their customer's experience aroundHertz Israel was looking to facilitate their clients with a fast, easy, intuitive way to sign agreements  and receive them by email. ComSignTrust Point Of Sale Solution allows their customers to sign  directly on tablets, enjoy shortened lines and a friendly (also for the environment) process. The  group enjoys an efficient, cost effective, secure and legally binding digital workflow.


Hertz Israel operates leases and rentals of over 35,000 vehicles. The challenge was to shift to a fully  digital, automated electronic system at all customer service stations end get rid of the entire use of  paper.

digital signature on tablet for point of sale

The Change:

ComSignTrust POS Solution improved the customer’s experience in terms of:                            Watch the videoComsigntrust point of sale tablet solution

  • Cutting transaction time by at least half.
  • Reducing paperwork, related costs and human errors.
  • Providing an advanced digital customer’s experience with the newest technology available on the market.
  • Enhancing client’s data security & privacy level

The results:comsigntrust digital signature solution

  • Improved customer service and experience with new, trendy, innovative technology.
  • Saves valuable time and significant costs.
  • Legally binding and secure workflow.
  • Easy to activate and simple UI.
  • Gaining full control over paperwork processes.
  • Easy search and found of documents.
  • Eliminates the use of papers and printers.
  • Becoming an environment – friendly organization!

digital signature on tablet - main features

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