ComSign BioLogon Server

Secure biometric IT solution of identity and access management (IAM) system for your organization.

Identify users with a Biometric solution and secure the access to your data and organizational systems: Support Active Directory, Web based system, Citrix, COCKPIT, WYSE, RDP and more.

For organizations handling sensitive data, biometrics has emerged as the most secure form of user identification providing high-level of authentication with a positive user experience.

BioLogon was created with your users in mind

They can’t lose it. They can’t forget it.
It can’t be stolen, forged or duplicated.
Because it’s their own, unique biometric data.

Choose the biometric identification form (one or more) for your organization

  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition
  • Very secured Biometric algorithm for Finger and Facial.
  • Live detection (PIV support)
  • Various biometric devices and scanners
  • 100% integration with Microsoft and Linux servers.
  • RDP support including VDI, Citrix and Vmware.
  • Client authentication support and Server authentication support.

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Thousands of government offices, defense agencies, healthcare facilities, research institutions, financial institutions and Hi-Tech companies have already implemented BioLogon to secure their data and user authentication to their systems and workstations from fraudulent activity and misuse.

How it works

BioLogon software integrates with and stores users’ matching biometric templates extracted by the Biometric scanner in a Secured DB.

If the biometric features of the user who tries to access the system matches a template in the DB  he will be successfully authenticated and obtain access to the protected system, workstation or data.

The BioLogon solution consists of three components:

  1. A Biometric scanner: installed in the workstation
  2. BioLogon Client software: installed in the workstation
  3. BioLogon server: BioLogon’s Server software and administration application

The communication between the client and server components is done over a secured communication channel (TLS and mutual authentication).

Combine BioLogon with other methods of authentication for added layers of security

Biometric authentication can be used alone as an alternative to your current authentication method or in combination with other ComSign authentication methods for an additional layer of security like a personal smartcard, OTP (One Time Password) or a barcode

Authentication options include:

  • Bio only
  • Bio and Smartcard
  • Smartcard only
  • Bio and OTP (one-time password)
  • OTP only
  • Bio and Password
  • Password only
  • Bio + smartcard + OTP

Integrate with other enterprise systems

BioLogon integrates with your other high-end virtualization solutions including:

  • WEB logon
  • Citrix
  • WYSE Thin Client
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote desktop over remote desktop

Meet industry standards and regulations for identity and access management

Key Features

  • Integrate with different biometric scanning solutions
  • Obtain access to remote stations with RDP using biometric identification Perform a quick rollback to system’s original state (if system is disabled due to extreme malfunction)
  • Limit the number of biometric scanning attempts
  • Block user login without fingerprint
  • Log all login attempts as well as user locked events
  • Support multiple users authentication on a single workstation
  • Flexible Login method: only Bio, Username + Bio etc.
  • The BioLogon server saves the template extracted from the biometric scan (fingerprint or other type) and not the scanned image. So even in the case of hacking the template DB they’ll be useless since the template alone can’t be used to reconstruct the scanned image (e.g, fingerprint) and identify its owner A configurable authentication policy can be applied to each user and computer.
  • Multi-User Login – More than one person is required to access a station or data.
  • Supports offline mode if the server is unavailable. Option for LLB configuration (recommended) with at least 2 BIO servers behind a load balancer Fully customizable SDK
  • Auto scalable, HA and fully redundant
  • Remote unlock
  • Multiple fingers logon

Reach out for more information on how to integrate BioLogon’s identity and access management system into your enterprise organization.