ComSignTrust™ Press Kit

Brand Usage Guidelines

Whenever you want to mention us, please use the ™ sign next to our name, like this – ComSignTrust™, since ComSignTrust™ is a registered trademark. Also, SIGNER-1™ and Signer-1™ are trademarks of ComSignTrust™, so the previous rule applies as well.

ComSignTrust™ is written with a capital C, capital S and capital T.
SIGNER-1™ and Signer-1™ can be written with uppercase letters or capital S only accordingly.

Our most updated logo may be found here. It’s high quality, so please use it and don’t use the google images search.

ComsignTrust™ Press Releases

ComSignTrust Announces: Recent Major Cyber Attacks Could Have Been Prevented
Highly sophisticated malware and technology Cyber Attacks such as the recent Cyber Attack of 4.5M patients of Community Health Systems (CHS), a healthcare organization with 206 hospitals in 29 states, whose private records were stolen by Chinese hackers; Target’s 40 million credit and debit cards information accessed by cyber criminals; and eBay hit by a Cyber Attack impacting a database of 145 million active buyers – could all have been prevented. Using a robust digital signature to seal, sign and encrypt sensitive files of all types, makes life harder for the hackers to target users and information. (08/19/2014)
Full press release on World News

Update for Market Trend-Leaders: ComSignTrust Presents its Secure Tablet-based Solution for Digitized Customer Service Centers and Point of Sales – Paper is OUT, Tablet Screens with Secure PKI-Based Digital Signatures are IN!
Customer service centers that are running behind in aspects related to service, speed, technology, design and security, may lose business to those who are up to date reaching intelligent, well-informed business driving decisions. (07/07/2014)
Full press release on WSAV3

Attention NFC Mobile App Developers: ComSignTrust™ Presents New Digital Signature Solution as a Means of Protection Against NFC and NDEF Data Manipulations
As the world quickly progresses to a mobile way of doing things, new brilliant mobile apps keep popping up just like mushrooms after the rain – along with their “toxic” side effects… Vulnerabilities related to NFC Data Exchange. (06/23/2014_
Full press release on Reuters