how to sign pdf with digital signature using ComSignTrust

Video Transcript

How to sign PDF with digital signature using ComSignTrust Desktop, digital signature solution.

First, after installing ComSignTrust Desktop on your machine, choose the pdf document you want to digitally sign. Right click on the document icon of the file and go down to sign. Click Sign.
The software will then open a pin code dialog box. Your personal credentials and information from your smart card will be displayed. You will need to enter the pin code for your personal smart card. After you enter your pin number click set the software will do all the work and digitally sign your pdf document.

The signed document will be created at the same path as your unsigned document. Double Click and open the signed document a.k.a .signed. You can then see your original document signed digitally at the upper left side of the document. The ComSignTrust seal will be added by default to the signed document. you can change this seal to what ever seal or pic you want in the profile preferences in the ComSignTrust Desktop Software. In Adobe Reader you will also see the confirmation of a valid digitally signed document in the field above. Double Click the ComSignTrust seal.

A pop-up status and validity of the signature will be presented and you can see the information on when and who signed the document. Further more you can inspect the signature and see if it had been modified after signage and which user signed the document. By clicking signature properties you can get more information on the digital signature and other document related information. Click Close and your done, now you have a digitally signed pdf document.

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