Customer Service Centers: Paper is OUT, tablets with secure digital signatures are IN!

Customer service centers that are running behind in aspects related to service, speed, technology, design and security, may lose business to those who are up to date reaching intelligent, well-informed business driving decisions.

By Evelyn Kotler | 24.03.2014

Tired of the long lines of irritated customers in your service center? Frustrated with the paper jams and printers running out of ink? Are you wasting a lot of time and money on locating, printing, mailing and storing all of your documents? Well, it’s all understandable. That’s the old way of doing things…

According to Forrester one of the top 12 trends for customer service in 2014 will be simplifying the agent workplace: “Customer service agents… are demanding that their solutions be more usable, so that they can focus on solving the customer’s issues and delivering differentiated service. Expect customer service leaders to work on simplifying the agent workspace by removing extraneous data elements from agent screens, automating tasks to increase agent productivity, and making relevant information to help personalize the interaction.”

Vendors such as ComSignTrust ( deliver such out-of-the-box innovative automating solutions for businesses. With a highly secure tablet-based customer service center solution, customers can enjoy a neat, peaceful, paperless service environment, where the entire agent-customer interaction takes place via a tablet: the customer reviews, fills out any forms related to the process and scans any required document, all upon the tablet. The agent reviews the information the client has provided and digitally signs and seals all of the documents. He then emails them directly to the client and archives them in the business’ digital folders/archive. The process is quick and easy for all parties, and since the digital signature solution is PKI based, also extremely secure – the documents cannot be tampered with and an authentication process occurs with the agent’s signing, ensuring his identity and preventing forgery.

This is the new way of doing business in today’s market – cutting costs, increasing confidence and securing the data. In other words – progressing to a digital business.

Evelyn Kotler is Marketing Manager at Comda Group and ComSignTrust and can be reached at