TabletSign – Advanced e-signing solution for Points of Sale (POS)

Whether your business requires customer signatures on bank forms, rental agreements, healthcare declarations, or hotel reservations, it’s time to bid farewell to tedious manual processes and replace them with our advanced digital signature solution for POS.

Here’s how it works:

A simple signing process:

  • At the point of sale, the service agent gives the customer a tablet that is synchronized with the agent’s screen.
  • While the agent prepares the customized document, a targeted advertisement is presented to the customer on the tablet.
  • The agent can co-browse the prepared document with the customer, scrolling and enlarging it, as well as marking important sections.
  • The client reviews the document independently on the tablet, enabling the agent to attend to other customers.
  • The service agent or customer can scan additional documents directly into the tablet using the tablet’s camera.
  • After the client signs all the designated signature spaces and scans the required documents, the agent gets notified.
  • The service agent electronically signs the document using an advanced or qualified electronic signature [link to electronic signature page] using his personal PKI USB token, smart card or with Signer-1 server storing his electronic signature in its HSM.
  • The service agent then sends the signed document to the client (optional), and then the document is securely archived.

Proven authentication of customers’ signatures with TabletSign’s dynamic biometric signing feature

TabletSign captures dynamic biometric data, providing reliable information for enhanced identification purposes and verification. Dynamic biometrics measures:

  • Writing direction
  • Stroke
  • Pressure
  • Writing rhythm
  • Acceleration

Implemented by:

Coca Cola digital signature success story
WIX and digital signature

Automate your POS workflow to increase productivity

TabletSign’s advantage

  • The client can review content independently for enhanced privacy.
  • 10.1” / 12” /14” tablets are presented on lockable and adjustable table stands in a secured kiosk mode.
  • The agent and client can co-browse or work separately.
  • TabletSign is compatible with a variety of document file formats.
  • Supports workflows or batch procedures.
  • API or HTTP post is compatible with WIFI / Lan / USB communication modes and enables full control of the signing process on the tablet
  • Electrical connected tablets can function 24/7 without draining batteries.
  • Tablet and software upgrades are independent of each other.

TabletSign supports the interaction between agent and customer at the point of sale, providing a guided digital signing process on a tablet.

TabletSign’s key features

  • Present custom commercials on the tablet while the client is waiting for forms to process
  • Add signature and value fields to the document
  • Scan and create attachments directly from the tablet
  • Enable biometric signing with a dynamic pen
  • Integrate with other solutions such as digital archive or vault module (The signed documents aren’t saved on the tablet.)
  • Offer two digital signing options:
    • Graphical signing using a touchpad or adjusted pens
    • Uploading a graphical signature image file (agents)
  • Support workflow signing process with multiple signers

Comsign is a eIDAS QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider). QTSPs are regulated (Qualified) to provide trusted digital certificates under the electronic Identification and Signature (eIDAS) regulation.
eIDAS – (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single

Transform the most pivotal moment in your business processes with TabletSign