ComSignTrust™ digital signature solution for Point Of Sale

digital signature for point of sale - sign on tablet

Give your customers a full digital service experience, replace the manual process with our advanced digital signature solution for POS – get quick ROI!

ComSignTrust™ digital signature for point of sale solution allows your organization to promote an unparalleled customer’s experience, optimize organizational processes, enhance security level and documentation privacy while help saving the environment.

Improve the services you provide by: increasing productivity, reducing costs, and automating your workflow.

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A simple signing process:

  • Each point of sale is equipped with a tablet that is synchronized to the agent’s computer.
  • While the service agent prepares the document an advertisement is presented to your customer.
  • Once the document is ready it will be presented on the tablet for the customer to review.
  • The service agent can guide the client through the document.
  • He can perform adjustment if needed and scan documents with the tablet camera to attach them to the document before signing.
  • The ComSignTrust™ Point Of Sale software makes sure that all signatures are signed
  • Then the service agent signs and send the document to your client (optional) and securely archived.

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I want special offers and products update. (No spam!)

Main features:

  • Support of various Tablets and Signature PAD’s
  • Seamless transition from Wacom PAD’s / Android tablets/Windows Tablets/Windows PC with touch screen or stylus.  No need to change code.
  • Multi-touch screen support- very user-friendly
  • Tablets can be accessed through USB/LAN or WIFI.
  • Fully Mobile – 3G support
  • Capturing images from Camera on tablets with live preview.
  • Kiosk mode for tablets – no option for tempering.
  • All connection protected by SSL with mutual authentication.
  • Various API’s: Native .NET WPF/WinForm Control. COM wrapper
  • Biometric signature compliant with: ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007
  • Control component supports 64 and 32 bit OS
  • Supports adding signature fields ad-hoc
  • Supports adding signature fields from placeholders – where ever a special string is found in the document (Best way to work with virtual PDF printers).
  • Supports editing text fields simultaneously.
  • Supports adding new pages on the fly – from scanned TIFF/Image/PDF
  • Digital signatures according to PADeS standards.
  • Zooming from control/PAD and tablets.
  • Setting custom signature background
  • Control over various system settings – marker color/pen color/orientation/image quality e.t.c
  • Tool for offline biometric signature validation.
  • Optional and mandatory signatures
  • Biometric signature is encrypted with corporate asymmetric RSA key together with the document hash. This bio signature data is then being signed along with other attributes as part of the PDF digital signature binding it to the document specific revision.
  • Fully independent – you can keep running commercials even if the agent’s computer is off.
  • Comsign (CA) approved