ComsignTrust™ Digital Signature Products

Addressing the needs of all-sized organizations, our Digital Signature products allow you to: create, sign, email and store all your documents securely and forget about paper based related costs!

Choose a  digital signature solution

ComsignTrust™ Enterprise

  • All in One’ on-premise solution for enterprises installed as a central server appliance
  • Outstanding performance signing large volume of files and documents
  • Support of national CA’s for certification issuance, revocation and validation checking
  • Customized hardware integration with any PKI component

ComsignTrust™ Point Of Sale

  • The digital branch – for a great customer’s experience.
  • sign customers directly on tablets.
  • Support of various Tablets and Signature PAD’s.
  • Personalized digital customer service.
  • Fully support all touch screen features.
  • Secure- The document is locked after signing.
  • Faster, more efficient, cost effective and green.

ComSignTrust™ Online Portal

  • Sign &  send documents from all types.
  • Multiple signing process.
  • Supported on mobile & Tablet to sign anytime, anywhere.
  • Fully synchronized screens (representative and customer).
  • Drag & Drop signature fields.
  • Assign signatures to recipients
  • Signing sequence.
  • Automatic alerts.

ComsignTrust™ Desktop

  • Installed directly on your desktop
  • Sign all document formats
  • Works with every Secure Signature Cryptographic Device (Smart cards, Tokens, HSM, etc.)

ComsignTrust™ Cloud

  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Certificate on Device
  • Certificate & Private Key stored encrypted on device

ComsignTrust™ API

  • Enables users to integrate ComsignTrust™ API with any of customer’s internal applications
  • Structured interface with COM / ActiveX, C++ / C (DLL), WS (WCF), Java (JAR), Silverlight, Command Line HOT FOLDERS
  • Ready to use plug-in’s to MS SharePoint, SAP Business One, MS Outlook, Salesforce, M-Files, Priority ERP, Documentum, WisePage digital archive and more.

ComsignTrust™ Mobile

  • Dedicated smart card reader
  • Contact – on device pin connector Contactless – using NFC

Cloud based:

  • Private Cloud
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Certificate on Device
  • Certificate & Private Key stored encrypted on device

Desktop based:

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