PKI Environment and Hardware Security Module


Information security and integrity is a critical aspect for most organizations. That’s why we have selected the leading vendors — Gemalto, Thales, Bull — to supply you with a fully integrable HSM for your ComSignTrust™ solution. The HSM is required for the ComSignTrust Enterprise and Automated solutions and provides you with:

  • Compliance with FIPS140-2 Level 3
  • Support for Pkcs#11
  • Strong authentication for any user

PKI – Public Key Infrastructure

A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) consists of protocols, services, and standards supporting applications of public key cryptography. PKI manages cryptographic keys, digital credentials, enables the establishment of trust relationships in an extended enterprise environment.

HSM – Hardware Security Module
HSM is a dedicated cryptographic component, located on the network or connected directly to a dedicated server, which is used as a basis for building an enterprise PKI infrastructure.

HSM components are responsible for:

Secure desecration of the private key
Protection of the private key
Secure management of the encryption key

HSM may be used virtually and on a cloud environment. The system supports a variety of operating systems and provides an API for managing the cryptography.


  • PKI infrastructure security
  • Securing applications and manufacturing the next generation of public key technologies (PKI)
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Digital infrastructure security, e.g. encrypted email systems / signed, DNSSEC
  • Protecting identities, applications, transactions and data in new technologies


  • Lower operating costs
  • High performance
  • Increases security
  • Resistant to hacking attempts
  • Supports a wide range of operating systems and PKI infrastructures
  • Deployment of world-class infrastructure PKI HSM modules
  • Secure storage of private keys
  • Secure management of IP address

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