Secure Electronic Archiveing, e-Archiving

ComSignTrust™ provides storage and e-Archiving solutions of its partner, EMC:

EMC Centera– A readymade integrated module, provides a single, tamper-proof archive that addresses capacity, scale, distance, and management challenges. The Centera e-Archiving solution delivers online access and authenticated information wherever needed.

The Centera e-Archiving solution offers a hardware and software based architecture that is designed to meet the requirements of long term data storage with fixed content. The system combines the advantages of performance and availability of online storage systems with the ability to retain the data without modification according to the specification of long term archiving systems . Additionally the Centera Compliance Edition, helps organizations meet the requirements and regulations for conservation of information, determined abroad by organizations such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Israel Ministry of Health, Institute of Standards, the SEC and similar institutions.
Centera also ensures maintaining data reliability, easy and neat access, storage volume savings and time saving capabilities.

EMC Centera e-Archiving Hardware:

  • Centera GNU general public license
  • 40U T rack SP power
  • Dual 40U pwrcord-INTL
  • CNR modem GEN 4
  • UTP CAT6 cable 100 white
  • 4NODE 750GB manf base low power G4
  • 4 nodes ( 4 * 750Gb ) = 12TB raw
  • Usable capacity = 6TB – (Centera operating system) (CentraStar + disks formatting + overhead ) = 5TB NET

EMC Centera e-Archiving Software:

MIRR SW RTU LIC – Mirror protection = 12TB / 2 = 6TB raw

EMC CENTERA e-Archiving Support: