e-Signature Smart Card Reader/Token

Gemalto, the world’s leader in digital security and ComSignTrust™ (CST), a leader in e-Signing solutions, provide a common OEM product, based on the cooperation between ComSignTrust™ and Gemalto. e-Signature Smart Card - gemaltoThe product is based on the most advanced Disk on Key and e-Signature smart card technology which increases data security, eliminates the costs associated with production, handling, storage and disposal of paper, saves time and reduces dramatically environmental footprint.

There are many types of cards and solutions, but smart cards are defined by:

  • How the card data is read and written
  • The type of chip implanted within the card, chip capabilities

There is a wide range of smart cards and tokens that you can choose from and ComSignTrust’s application can be implemented on each and every card.

The ComSignTrust™ Secure Portable e-Signature Smart Card Token is an integrated digital signature product which includes the Gemalto IDBridge K3000, a portable security device and ComSignTrust™ Desktop e-Signing software. ComSignTrust™ Desktop e-Signing software is a very powerful signing tool that allows time stamping, graphic signature, and any kind of certificate (advanced or qualified) of any CA (Public or Private). Using this unique combined solution enables a very easy installation with no need to install any driver and with zero footprint. In addition, the product is user friendly and can be adopted by all customers.

ComSignTrust™ Secure Portable e-Signature Smart Card Token Addresses all Your e-Signature Smart Card Documentation Needs Including:

  • e-Invoicing
  • e-prescriptions
  • Registered mail
  • Digital Hospitals
  • Digital Archiving
  • Contracts, Tenders, Purchase Orders
  • Internal Documents
  • Correspondence

Supporting ComSignTrust™ Desktop, the e-Signature smart card reader interfaces between the microprocessor on your smart card and your computer.

  • Compliance with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or 3
  • CC4+
  • Support for Pkcs#11
  • Supplied from one of the following vendors: Gemalto, SCM, Precise biometrics, HID, Safenet, Athena

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