ComSignTrust™ Smart Card – e Authentication

A Smart Card is a personal hardware component that aims to store the private and public key of the certificate owner – e-authentication.E Authentication Smart Card

The smart card requires e-authentication through a password, biometric, or even both.
Company systems are enhanced today with smart cards and they are used throughout several key industries such as: Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, Government and more.
Smart cards today are one of the best ways to secure digital content and physical assets.

Overall Features of the smart card:

  • Requires a smart card reader
  • Chip card in the size of a credit card, contains cryptographic capabilities for creating and securing key pairs
  • Stores digital certificates and e-authentication

Smart card based “All in one” e-Authentication Solution

Supporting ComSignTrust™ Desktop, the smart card provides identification,e-Authentication, data storage and application processing.

  • Compliant with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or 3
  • CC4+
  • Supports Pkcs#11
  • Supplied by one of the following vendors: Gemalto, G&D, Athena

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