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Government and e-Gov Online e-Signature Solutions

Governmental organizations are constantly challenged to reduce costs, increase services and maintain compliance at all times. They are also expected to lead the way in making operations more environmentally friendly while adhering to and enforcing directives to that effect. In addition, governmental agencies must maintain compliance with constantly increasing and changing compliance and regulatory issues. In short, do more with less.

ComSignTrust™ online e-Signature solutions help addresses the unique and challenging needs of governmental bodies through its automated online signature solution. With it, agencies can create more efficiency freeing up resources to provide more and better services. It also helps meeting green objectives by eliminating a large part of manual, paper-based processes. And better yet, it cuts administrative budgets, so the savings achieved can be applied to more worthwhile initiatives.

ComSignTrust™ online e-Signature automated solution can slash the costs associated with your documentation processes, while creating impact of full efficiency and substantially reducing your environmental footprint.

ComSignTrust™ online e-Signature solution addresses all your signed documentation needs including:

  • e-Invoicing
  • Registered Mail
  • Digital Archiving
  • Contracts, Tenders, Purchase Orders
  • Correspondence
  • Internal Documents
  • HR documents

Business Case

Research shows us that on average a manually, paper-based document costs approximately $5.00 per document to produce. That figure includes the complete lifecycle of a document:

 Production – the cost of paper, toner and ink
 Handling – stamping, sending, copying, filing, transporting
 Storage – scanning and archiving
 Disposal – shredding and burning

But that is only part of the picture. Sometimes indirect costs can be even greater:

 Time consuming and drain of resources
 Potential for human error
 Risk of fraudulent activity
 No way to track conformation to regulatory compliance

In real terms, that means an organization with 200 employees, who will sign on average 500 documents annually will produce 100,000 documents. At an average cost of $5.00 per document, that’s $500,000 annually. The math is clear; automated eSignature can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

ComSignTrust™ Online Signature Solution

ComSignTrust™ enables a rapid production of documents of all types; it provides an automated mechanism to electronically send them, facilitates more cost-effective digital storage, and ensures that documents are secure, tamper-free, and authentic. Our online signature solution also provides a checks and balances system through time stamping and logging features. Equally important, by deploying ComSignTrust™, all of the solution’s benefits, including ROI, start on day one of usage.

 Eliminates the costs associated with production, handling, storage and disposal
 Provides immediate savings that can total 100’s of thousands of $’s annually
 Automates manual tasks to save time, cost and resources
 Mitigates the risk and costs associated with human error
 Frees up personnel enabling increased productivity
 Provides secure, cost-effective managed digital storage

With ComSignTrust™ Secure Portable e-Signature Token and online solution the sky is the limit. To find out more about ComSignTrust™ Secure Portable e-Signature Token click here.

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