Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

ComSignTrust OEM Solutions operates in a variety of vertical markets and offers original software manufacturer high end digital signature solutions to take your products to the next digital level. Here at ComSignTrust we believe that integration with digital signature capabilities will provide you and your customers a high value and a great deal. That’s why we are always looking for new ISVs and partnerships that will give you and your products further edge.

Whether you are a software vendor of ERP, CRM, BPM, digital archiving, scanning or any workflow system, you can now upgrade your software with a digital signature solution and start signing directly from your application!

Value-Added Reseller (VARs)

In today fast past environment, you as a value added reseller are always looking to include complementary products or services, usually as part of a package deal to your customers. Value-added resellers play a prominent role in the computer and software industry and we here at ComSignTrust value each and every one of our resellers.

The digital and electronic transformation of business these days holds interesting opportunities for resellers to include complementary products or services and to maximize their exposure, expertise and revenues. We here at ComSignTrust offer our resellers the best digital signature solutions so they can offer their clients the best solutions fitted to their individual needs.