e authentication – Hardware Components, HSM, Smart Cards

While the ComSignTrust™ automated digital signature solutions are a software-based system, it requires some additional hardware components to ensure a secure e authentication and complete functionality. ComSignTrust™ has partnered with various vendors in order to supply you with the component best suited to your environment. A more highly secure solution to create digital signatures is a Hardware Security Module (HSM).  An HSM is a physical comp device that safeguards and manages all your digital keys for strong authentication and provides cryptoprocessing.

Automated digital signature with a legally binding e authentication

Singer-1™ is a high-end appliance that combines “All-in-One” digital signature solutions. Specially designed for enterprises, the Signer-1™ is a hardened 1U Rackmount appliance (19’’), and various hardware components embedded such as Multi-Signer, high-performance HSM, Token, PCI and Smart Card. The hardware integration is customizable according to the client’s needs.

Addresses medium – large organizations, the Singer-1™ uses a qualified digital signature that ensures the identity of the signer without any possibility of refutation (strong e authentication), there for it is legally binding and protects our clients in the court of law.

Smart cards

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