Digital Signature PDF and MS Office Outlook

Do you remember those days where you needed to fax or scan a contract in order to sign it?

Are you still doing that? Stop, Your best bet today is ComSignTrust™ digital signature software!

We live in a high stake, fast pace world where you need it all today and right now.

Whether it’s a phone call, a contract or even coffee we want it right now. This is also the case in the digital world. ComSignTrust™ Desktop is a complete digital signature software which enables users to digitally sign pdf documents and more.


Digital signature – great benefits in many aspects


The enormous benefits of the digital products and solutions are driving our world and our lives in a faster pace, more than ever before. This is why a digital signature which provides a person with the ability to sign any type of document right from his computer or mobile device is becoming more and more frequent in our day to day digital life.

Businesses around the world are getting more and more familiar with the huge benefits that digital signature can do for their businesses. Digital signature pdf formats, digital signature on ms office formats and on any document can leverage the efficiency of every business, big or small.

The huge cuts in costs and the savings related to time and resources with digital signing are endless. The business sector as well as the private sector sends and receives millions of pdf, word, excel and other documents, every day. A big chunk of these documents are contracts and orders that need to be signed, here is where the advantage of a digital signature comes in. With a press of a button you can sign a single document or even millions of documents all at the same time. Whether it is a robust solution aimed for enterprises or a unique solution that is designed for a single user, there is a solution for everyone that wants to benefit and use digital signatures.

Digital Signature PDF Style

Most of the documents today are in pdf format. This well-known and easy format can also be signed digitally. Digital signature pdf format basically adds a hash string to the document format and seals the pdf document. After the doc’ has been signed you cannot change the hash with its time and date stamped into it.