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Sign Online

Sign clients from everywhere! Sign multiple signatures in minutes! 

With ComSignTrust™ Digital signature portal you can upload documents and send the link to peers or customers, in order for them to sign online, anywhere – from the office or on the go!

Improve efficiency:

  • Reduced costs by avoiding printing, signing, scanning and archiving documents
  • Improved and secured processes
  • Paperless and green organization
  • Increased service levels
  • High-security level of files
  • Control the information within your organization

Get control, increase data security and enjoy the automation advantage!

ComSignTrust™ Enterprise has been designed to meet the needs of large organizations that produce and sends thousands or millions of signed documents monthly. ComSignTrust™ Enterprise is a server solution or appliance solution (with internal HSM and storage) that is integrated into an enterprise document generation workflow.

When you deploy ComSignTrust ™ Enterprise, the ROI starts on day one and is accomplished within a few months.

Digital Signatures made easy

A typical large-sized organization produces thousands and even millions of signed documents on a monthly or even daily basis. Those paper documents are often mailed and almost all are physically stored and archived for future use. The cost of production, delivery, handling and storage can be quite substantial.

ComSignTrust™ Enterprise digital signature solution leads organizations to a paperless work environment along with tremendous savings in cost and resources while increasing efficiency and security.


Apply a digital customer’s experience at the point of sale, make it easier for your clients & sales representatives to seal the deal! 

ComSignTrust™ Point Of Sale solution gives your client a full digital customer service experience and replaces the old manual process.

The new digital signature process is easy, cost effective, legally binding and allows you to give your customers the digital experience they expect.

By implementing ComSignTrust™ Point Of Sale solution the ROI starts from day one of deployment.


Digital signature software for going paperless

ComSignTrust™ Desktop is a complete digital signature software which enables users to digitally sign documents of all types — invoices, agreements, diagrams, forms, applications, images, letters and more — interfacing with any application and any format of your choice.

From within the document itself or in the email, ComSignTrust™ Desktop digital signature software has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that require a comprehensive software tool (along with a digital certificate in the form of a smart card, e-token, etc) to digitally sign all document formats in an organizational workflow.

When you deploy ComSignTrust™ Desktop digital signature software, all of the solution’s benefits and especially ROI, start on day one.


More and more users are interacting with systems information through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. That is why digital signatures are needed on mobile devices.

ComSignTrust™ delivers a secure Mobile ecosystem, composed by ComSignTrust’s Mobile Digital Signature solution and a secret key contained in a digital certificate issued and trusted by a third-party Certified Authority (CA) such as ComSign Europe, for a highly secure, qualified digital signature. A qualified digital signature is the highest security ranked e-Signature available today, ensuring signer authentication and identity assurance.

Allow your business the flexibilty he needs with our mobile solution- Sign anytime, Any Where & from any device!


ComSignTrust™ API gives you all the benefits of an e-Sign solution tailored to your exact specification and requests.

ComSignTrust™ e-Sign API is a software development kit (SDK) that exposes an API to sign PDF and OpenXML based documents as well as a generic detached signature (PKCS#7) that can be applied to any file. Our e-Sign API enables integration with leading workflows and content management systems (such as Microsoft SharePoint) and enables the production of digitally signed documents of all types – invoices, agreements, diagrams, forms, applications, letters and more – interfacing with any application and any format.

When you deploy ComSignTrust™ API, the ROI starts on day one.


Innovative e-prescriptions solution for Patient – Physician – Pharmacy workflow

ComSignTrust offers Automated e-Signature solutions as a simple way to automate the signing of all FDA-regulated clinical trial forms and to comply with the requirements for electronic submission of all documents.

ComsignTrust e- Prescriptions solution offers a highly secure prescriptions generation and patient’s privacy protection to save precious physician & patient time.

ComSignTrust™ Digital Signature solutions allow your organization to secure, automate and control your entire document signing, to make it more efficient and far more cost effective. 
Using a proven and innovative technology, our solutions are built for high reliability, easy to use and immediate implementation so users can enjoy their benefits from day one.

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