About Us

We believe it’s all about the signature.
It has to be legal, trustworthy and secure.
We get it.

That’s why we can confidently say — nothing beats signing and sending a document digitally.

Your clients love easy. And you know what easy and hassle-free means — you get the deal. And your entire firm nails the process, one digital checkmark after another.
So, yeah, it is all about the signature.
But not just an electronic signature like the one your whiz kid nephew creates on his smartphone. Because you need more than that.
At Comigntrust, we are a trusted Service Provider provider (TSP) approved by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, FDA’s Electronic Submissions Gateway and the government of Israel.

in addition, Comsign is a eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider, an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market.

We mean business, and we serve companies that require real solutions like:

  • Digital Signature Issuing – Receive an international trusted certificate.
  • Sign & Seal – Digitally sign and seal documents. Any changes performed afterward will revoke the document’s validity.
  • Digital Transformation – Digitize your business procedures including interactions with clients and multi-approvers’ workflows.
  • POS Tablets – Close deals using customized digital forms displayed on the customer’s tablet. A sales representative monitors and assists the client from a separate workstation, empowering multitasking.
  • Digital Archive – Store your documents in an advanced digital archive with fast search-and-retrieve functions instead of maintaining a highly demanding physical archive.
  • Digital Signing Verification Module – Validate any digitally signed document.

We also provide strong authentication solutions, issue SSL certificates and offer advanced biometric solutions.

You can easily integrate our solutions into any software through an API, either on-site or through a secured cloud-based service. Use it as a single service or as part of a comprehensive digital signing solution, all the while working with leading international partners and aggregators.

We’ll help you seal that agreement, get that deal signed, and simplify your overall sales cycle. It’s that easy.

Why us?

Cybersecurity has always been the strongest force that drives us.
We’ve been implementing secured technologies for over 35 years and have been leading the digital signature world since 2001. As a subsidiary of Comda, the leading cybersecurity group in Israel, we have empowered thousands of enterprise-level organizations from multiple industries to transform their businesses by trusting our secure digital solutions.

Hundreds of thousands of documents later, we’ve earned and kept the trust of:

  • Governmental and municipal authorities
  • Healthcare companies and hospitals
  • Military, security, and emergency organizations
  • Financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, and investment houses
  • Leading universities and educational institutions
  • International pharmaceutical companies
  • Energy, communications and high-tech companies

And while technology has improved dramatically since 2001, our mission has always remained the same — To provide a 360-degree digital approach for businesses, streamlining processes from beginning to end. 

From issuing qualified digital signatures and certificates as a trusted service provider (TSP) to digitizing business processes with WeSign and closing deals with TabletSign to providing digital archive and document verification solutions — ComSignTrust offers the most robust, scalable and legally binding electronic signature solutions on the market.

Meet our leadership team

We are dedicated to our ever-growing customer base, and our carefully cultivated corporate culture dictates that we must continually strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Together, we meet market challenges. We have been doing this successfully for 35 years, and it never gets old!